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The Rosy Face is an online journal of mine where I express the thoughts inside my head, hundred percent real opinions on things, and random moments of my life. Do expect a lot of Kpop / Jpop, fangirling, and drama + movie reviews on this blog. It's more like a space for me to document everything that is happening in my life and share my love for god knows what. While I share all sorts of bits and pieces on this small space of mine, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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Hello, I'm Luna 😬 This isn't my real name as I feel more comfortable blogging behind a pseudonym, but I'm still real af here alright 😀

I was born on August 25th. Tested as an INTP-T, the description is very much like me so you can read it if you'd like to know me better. I'm a lazy perfectionist, a BIG fangirl, and a drama addict.

I live in Singapore — I enjoy chilly weathers, cold milk, and ice milo. Chinese and Kpop music is something I listen to on a daily basis. I'm an army, I love BTS and Kim Taehyung is my bias (oh and mochi Jimin is my bias wrecker). Some of my favorite groups are K.A.R.D, BlackPink, and Infinite.


All images posted on this blog are from websites such as and other sources. I will not take credit for images that does not belong to me. However, product review images are from yours truly unless otherwise stated. All opinions stated on this blog are my own and I do not represent anyone else other than myself.
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