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The Rosy Face is an online journal of mine, a small space named after my rosy cheek (literally). It's an journal where I express my raw opinions and personal thoughts, document all the random moments of my life and my love for god knows what. Do expect a lot of Kpop and drama/movie reviews on this blog. It's a place with a variety of categories from movie reviews to late night thoughts; and I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy sharing it. Click here to know more about this blog!


Hello there. Welcome to rosyface, I'm Luna (it's a pseudonym, which I fancy more than my real name) and I'm really pleased to meet you! Thank you, thank you so much for dropping by be it the first or countless time.

A '01 virgo baby born on August 25th. I live in one of the HDB in Singapore (there's only two room but I still think it's the most comfortable place in the world) with my parents and two older brother. I'm an extroverted introvert INTP-T whos a lazy perfectionist, a full-time student fangirl, and a drama addict.


Sleep, chilly weathers, cold milk, and milo. Chinese and Kpop music is my type of music. All seven members of BTS. Dramas - from Korean dramas all the way to Thailand dramas.

I wish you a healthy life and everlasting happiness. Thank you for dropping by!
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