05. Bestfriends

I can tell from your eyes,

all it says were "I don't care if you hate her".

I thought we were bestfriends?

I thought you'd distance yourself from her,

since you know how she hurted my friends and I.

Why didn't you?

Would you like it,

if I befriend someone whom you hate so much?

This is childish.

But it pains me,

knowing that you don't care.

And it pains me more,

knowing that she might potentially hurt you in the future too.

Why am I always the childish one?

Always the angry one,

always the crying one.

I don't want to feel it,

but the sadness creeps under my skin,

and I can't control my heart or my brain.

I'm so sorry

for being the petty one.

I'm so sorry

that I'm not a good friend.

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