Favourite Blog: 1st Bomb

Hello there. I know, I stop blogging for awhile, but now I'm back and ready for more blogging aye! And to warm myself up, I thought that why not start off with an update on my blog ( read it here ) and share my favourite blog with you homies ;) Leggo leggo.

Daisy Butter
I actually forgotten how i found Michelle's blog, but since then, I've been loving her blog to da max! I love how when you read her blog, you just feel like drinking a cup of hot milo and get cozy hahaha.

Yige Blog
I definitely have to include Yige here like omg. I love her humor, I love how shes able to make all her reader feels like they are reading a friend's blog. Ok i just love her XD

Bloomin Rouge
Holly's tutorial on Blogging helped me soo much when I first started out! When bloggers are so generous in sharing how they design their blog /thumbs up/

Call Me Cupcake
I'm not a baking person, yes, but the photographs are on point :') I absolutely adore the filter and the whole vintage feel Linda is presenting on the blog.

The Private Life Of A Girl
Minimal everywhereeeeeee. I cannot emphasize how much I love (how many times am I gonna use this word ohmy) how simple looking the blog is. And Sophie also shares tips on blogging too~

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