A for Anime

Omg yes I'm actually starting this series on Paper Milk Blog! Weeks ago I actually emailed Michelle, the owner of Daisy Butter. I asked her if I could start this lovely series on my blog and she actually said yes :') I decided to start off with one of the thing I can't live without, Anime. Then I went back to Michelle's blog and realised she started off with A For Anime too! (yeh totally sound like I'm trying to make up an excuse orz)

Favourite Blog: 1st Bomb

Hello there. I know, I stop blogging for awhile, but now I'm back and ready for more blogging aye! And to warm myself up, I thought that why not start off with an update on my blog ( read it here ) and share my favourite blog with you homies ;) Leggo leggo.

Revamp // Update

Its June, holy momo fishballs i don't even know,

I can't believe we are half done with 2016. But still, June means holiday and welp, still nothing much to update on about my life since I legit stay home all the freaking time that my parents and my brothers are trying to push me out of the house. I don't get it. Shouldn't they be happy that I'm not out there tryna pick up bad habits? Or are they just tired of seeing my face
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